Our Customer’s Experiences

Here is what some of our past guests have to say about thier stays with us.

“I took my mom for a few days of rest and relaxation, and could not have been happier. We stayed in cabin #4 and enjoyed how cozy the cabin was inside, and loved the deck overlooking the lake and chatting with people walking by. What a view and a nice beach to walk down to, to sit and listen to the waves or just skip rocks. We will be back for sure!!! Thank you again for such a beautiful place to visit!”

–Sally and Jean

“Cabin #4 is Always so restful and healing. A lovely combination of quiet and visiting. Once again the Lake has worked its charm Thank you for the work you put in to have such charming cabins.”

–Deb O

“Thanks again for the wonderful cabin. We enjoyed our stay and will be back!”

–Shelly and David

“We had a wonderful peace full time at your awesome cabins we hope to be back next year.”

–Susan and the band

“Another restful weekend by the big sea shining waters clean creative comfortable and cozy. We will be back.”

–John & Evonne

“The cabin was great very cozy I really wished we could of stayed long the view was wonderful the listening to superiors waves crashing along the shore was so relaxing we are definitely coming back for along stay.”

–Karl & Kristen

“WOW loves this cabin. I have stayed in every one but #3 now. There is no other place I would ever stay but your cabins. This was super, my girls loved it we had a wonderful time bonding.”


“Once again I and my family enjoyed ourselves very much. The cabin looks great and we were very comfortable. This is our third time staying in this cabin and we’ll come for many more visits.”


“I had a great time with my ladies, the Lake, Stores and the people in town. Your cabin is great and comfortable.”


“We really enjoyed our stay. We love the beach watching the waves come in. We had a friend on the beach and watched the moon come up. It was a beautiful evening.”

–Jim and Vicki

“I have not had a birthday this memorable in my life. Your cabin was very personal and made it very easy to relax. We were awakened by the crashing waves of the Lake and we didn’t mind. That sounds a bit simple but its usual traffic that wakes me so it was pleasant.”


“We all had a wonderful time we loved the view of the lake and the beautiful full moon.”


“What a view! What ocean is that no its a lake. We had a wonderful time in here, we are never going to forget this place which is so different form our country. We really love it.”

–Antonia, Barcelona, Spain

“We love it here. The seclusion was a wonderful change from our usual hectic place. The restorative powers of the wind and water are amazing. Our kids relaxed enough to start acting their ages. My husband and I are restored to our younger and more carefree days. This place is a magical gift of healing and restoration.”


“We had the most pleasant stay we’ve had in a long long time. I am amazed at the power of mother nature to clam the senses. We will be back.”


“We had the most pleasant stay we’ve had in a long long time. I am amazed at the power of mother nature to clam the senses. We will be back.”